coqui selection

He was born in Valencia where he began his djing career in 1991. Ever since he has not stopped working a single weekend, being the resident DJ at the most emblematic clubs in Valencia such as Woody (5 years), The Face (3), Alquimia (7), Apache (7) -which was the best club house in Spain for three consecutive years as per DJOners- and Albades (1). Overall he has been djing and producing continuously for twenty years. Over the last two years he has travelled as a free agent throughout Spain and has played in numerous clubs and dozens of music festivals.


In the summer of 2012 he joined the team of DJs, Baccanali, whose parties during their first year became a hit in Ibiza. He has already signed with them gigs for summer 2013 on the White Island, being BORA BORA the chosen club for their events. In the summer of 2013, Coqui Selection was appointed resident DJ at the Wonderwall Music Resort, a brand-new hotel with seventy rooms created specifically for parties. Wonderwall was the most sensational and talked-about event of the season in Spain. They have also played in Russia (Discodome) Mexico (Selenic Soul Festival)  Argentina (Lascivo Club and KIKa Club) & Serbia ( Serbia Dance Tunning). Coqui Selection’s sets are characterized by their tremendous energy and for having a merge of different styles which are presented in an explosive cocktail of sensations connecting to the dance floor. He is pure energy at the booth.


His performance level of production is simply spectacular. Over the past two years he has released his tracks in the most important national and international record labels such as: SPINNIN, STEREO, NERVOUS, HOTFINGERS/ 303LOVERS, STARLIGHT, WAZZUP, PACHA, PORNOSTAR, MJUZIEEK, SNEAKERZ, WORK, BEATFREAK,SHINSHY, DARKSIDE, UNDERCOOL, BLANCO & NEGRO, HED KANDI, DIAMONDHOUSE, TACTICAL, SOULFURIC ,MUZICASA, MARFIL, BEDROOM and VAMOS MUSIC among others. During the past year he has released more than 60 tracks, including original ones and remixes for other people, which has placed him in the top 100 DJs with virtually all of his pitches at the major download music websites worldwide. He has also won several No.1 prizes both in House and Tech-House genres.


He has remixed for Crazibiza, Peter Gelderblom, Jerry Roper,D.O.N.S,Audiowhores, Iberican League, Muzzaik, Criss Source, Lissat & Voltaxx, Jask, and a handful of other top artists. His collaborations with Jorge Montia, Falomir, Groovebox or Nader Razdar are continuous and so fruitful that have resulted in tracks with distinctive styles, showing Coqui’s versatility when making music. His tracks have gained the support of top DJs all over the world and have been played by Roger Sanchez in "Release Yourself", D.O.N.S in "In The Mix", Peter Gelderblom in "Wheels of Revolution" or Cheets in "Global Dance Sesions” which are clear examples of this supportive reception. When we talk about Coqui Selection we are referring to an artist who loves music above all and that he has made of it his own lifestyle.

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