dj emanuel

Djemanuel started his career on the late half of the 80’s and imposed himself in the greatest clubs of Oporto, second largest city of portugal which has a huge night life. His african roots are a great influence on his sets, where congas and the afro-tribal rhythms are a constant. In more than ten years of career, he played in several clubs where he earned the respect of his fellow Dj friends and the admiration of Clubers. HOUSE is his great love, from “deep” to “pumping”, from “ Commercial” to more eclectic depending of the several different Dance floor contexts. For him, HOUSE has a SOUL and it’s with this Philosophy that he develops his sets. As a resident Dj, he joined the best clubs and bars of portugal’s nightlife.


Examples are the Pharmacia bar, Rock´s club, Mercado bar, Structura club, Praia dos ingleses beach bar, Bibó porto bar, Alfândega club (Caminha), Cordoaria bar, Bela cruz bar, River caffé club, Marechal bar, Indústria porto club (recorded for this club the album IT´S AMAZING that sold more than twenty five thousand copys), Metro club, MP3 club, t0 bar, Puro bar, Tomate club,Vaticano Club (Barcelos),Versus Club(Lixa) Porto rio bar, Indústria Cerveira club (one of the best and charismatic summer clubs in the north of Portugal in which he his a resident dj since 1991),last 4 years was residence in one of the best Portuguese clubs, Eskada Club ( Vizela ),That Club Win the title of BEST CLUB in Portugal for Two Years (2009,2010);Now is resident in Industria Club,Porto,one of the most sophisticated club in Portugal.


In Spain, he his part of one of the best dj agencies since 1997, HOUSE OF MAD (Leon).

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